Land your dream job, the smart way.

With the unpredictable conditions of the hugely competitive job market, acing the interview of your dream job becomes much harder than you would imagine and having some insider help certainly make a difference. If you have missed our inaugural workshop last year, here is another for you to acquire the most important knowledge that you will ever need in your job hunting.

Goals & Objectives

1. CV Makeover
• An optimal layout for your CV
• Do’s and do not’s that you should always follow
• Tips and tricks to uniquely present your strengths
• How you should clearly communicate your job responsibilities and achievements

2. Be a Champion for your interview
• How clear communication of your character can guarantee your success
• Practical roles specific tips to help differentiate yourself from other candidates
• How preparing yourself both mentally and physically is key to succeeding in any interview
• How presenting yourself in an attractive manner can gives you an edge over your competition

3. Look and feel like a Rockstar at the interview
• Developing your own unique style and look
• How to dress appropriately for the interview and brand
• Understanding the core requirements of a role and how you can fulfill them
• Setting realistic expectations and goals for yourself to achieve that will lead to success

4. Understanding yourself and how you can continue to improve
• Identifying weaknesses and learning how to correct them
• How to build experience and become a stronger candidate
• Highlight your uniqueness and harness your hidden potential
• Fixing bad habits, such as poor body language and speech habits

To optimize learning, classes will be limited to a maximum of 8 participants. The workshop is structured in an open and highly interactive format; participants with similar background will be grouped for customized learning contents. Classes will be conducted in English and course materials will be provided.

Stay in tuned for the next workshop.